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“I love this book. The wisdom and tools are a valuable treasure for all. A great read that goes beyond the layers and directly to the root/heart.”

"Straight Talk From the Heart"

"This Book is a Must"

"Humorous, Informative,
Down-to-Earth, Practical Wisdom"

"The World Needs this Book!"

Geoff is amazingly intuitive and gentle. Working with him
has taken me from shut down to expansive, from anxious
to standing in my power. My life is forever changed
for the better.

-Lana McAra / New Castle, DE
With Geoff’s coaching (calls, workshops & teleseminars) I
healed my way through a divorce, moved into a new
home, grew my business and surged forward with
my life – at LASER speed!

-Donna Griffin / Gresham, OR
We learned how to improve our communications,
enhance our sexuality and deal more effectively with
anger and control issues and with emotional disconnects.

-Ann & Roger Graham / San Diego, CA
We learned a fresh, straightforward, and open-hearted
approach to expressing our love and honoring our
differences. As a result, our relationship continues getting
stronger and deeper.

-Brian Leahy &
Vivienne Kretschmer / Richmond, CA
We have found our way to deeper intimacy and honesty
with each other, along with gaining a new feeling of
incredible possibility and trust in our relationship.

-Sean & Diane Atsatt / Santa Cruz, CA

Build The Relationship You WANT

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Built to Last Book

Announcing the Release of a Revolutionary Book to Transform Your Relationship Forever…

BUILT TO LAST: Designing & Maintaining A Passionate, Loving, and Lasting Relationship

from Geoff Laughton

Your Relationship ArchitectTM

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FINALLY… How to Design, Build, and Maintain the Relationship You’ve Been Dreaming of Instead of SETTLING for Less Than You Deserve
After 20 years of being a Relationship Architect, I’m sharing the principles I’ve studied, taught, and lived in my own marriage for the past few decades in this practical and inspiring blueprint that will help any couple get from where they are today to where they want to be in their relationship.
Built to Last will guide you to how you can experience a conscious, vibrant, and happier relationship.

Not merely a collection of good ideas, this book lays out timeless principles and practices used by healthy couples along with strategies that can be adapted for your own relationships… whether you are newly together, are experiencing heartache and challenges, or just want to redesign your relationship in ways that will bring new sparks and deeper connection.

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“Geoff’s expertise and heart speak especially strongly to us men, who must navigate the treacherous seas of emotional awareness and vulnerability that are so necessary to forge lasting relationships! The world needs this book!”

Rick Broniec, MEd.
Author of “The Seven Generations Story: An Incentive to Heal Yourself, Your Family and the Planet” and “A Passionate Life: Seven Steps for Reclaiming Your Passion, Purpose and Joy.”

“This book is a guide that any couple can use to be able to proactively approach starting a conscious relationship from the very beginning, sacredly build that relationship, and then have great tools to lovingly maintain it for years to come.”

Rachael Jayne Groover
Author of “Powerful and Feminine” and Creator of Art of Feminine Presence™

Begin laying the foundation for the journey from where you are to where you want to be… this book shows you how!
Couple Holding HandsWouldn’t it be great if your partner came with an instruction manual?

That way, you wouldn’t have to guess how you can support them in feeling loved, understood, and happily fulfilled.

You could easily tackle any issue by flipping the manual to the right page and gain instant insight into any challenge you were faced with… pinpoint the solutions… and watch a healthier balance of love restore healing, understanding, intimacy, and connection.

This new book teaches you my 15 most powerful principles for designing your relationship to last — with a level of quality materials and techniques that create a loving, connective, and bulletproof bond with each other.

Every chapter reveals a powerful relationship principle that, when put into practice, will help you create a relationship that’s built to last forever.


This breakthrough book reveals how you can

  1. Design A Relationship To Avoid Structural Flaws
  2. Build & Strengthen Your Relationship Foundation
  3. Maintain Your Built-To‐Last Relationship
  4. Transform your Partnership From a Fairy Tale To Mature Bliss.
The book also empowers you to:

  • Discover the differences between Love, Lust & Compatibility
  • Know What You Really Want & For What Purpose
  • Explore You and Your Partner’s Roles, Expectations, Needs & Wants
  • Help Determine if you have a Spiritual or Ego-Centered Relationship
  • Explore the Secrets to Choreographing the Dance of Emotional & Physical Intimacy
  • See the Truth About Conflict: Avoiding It vs. Embracing it
  • Know There’s Likely a Problem Even When It Looks Like There Aren’t Any
  • Understand How Many People Are Really In Bed With You
  • Look Deeper at Living With The Invisible Partner
  • Avoid Relationship Babble Through Proven Strategies for Effective Communication
  • Stay Away From Unnecessary Change Orders
  • Know the Difference Between Controlling and Healthy Boundaries
  • Create Your Happy Place In Your Relationship
  • Get and Keep Your Priorities Straight
  • Maintain Your Built‐To‐Last Relationship
  • and more!


“Geoff Laughton has written a grounded, intelligent, guide to having a real relationship, one that grows and lasts. This book feels like sitting down with a kind and sane guide, and one who has walked his talk. Geoff’s love and the book’s practicality are refreshing, comforting, and confidence-building.”

Tama Kieves
USA Today-featured visionary career coach and best-selling author of “Inspired & Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding in Your Life’s Work!” and “This Time, I Dance: Creating The Work You Love”

“For men and women grappling with understanding each other in love relationships, this book is a “must!” It moves couples in the direction of improving intimacy and making better connections with straight-forward language, road-tested perspectives, tools, and a deep understanding of both genders’ needs and approaches.”

Marni Battista
Founder of “Dating With Dignity”, Coach, and Frequent TV commentator on dating & relationships

“After all that we do to help people find love, it’s great to see a new book on the scene that helps set couples up for success from the very start, and supports them through what is hopefully a long journey together. Geoff’s metaphor of a relationship being like designing, building, and maintaining a house really works to make the material easy to understand and put to use immediately.”

Orna & Matthew Walters
Renowned Dating & Relationship Coaches at

If you decide you’re finally going to find the perfect place to live and put the house of your dreams on that spot, you’d never do it without a design that totally lights you up; the best possible construction techniques, methods, and materials; and, the most beautiful finishes possible.

Yet, when it comes to relationships – your dream relationship – it’s rare that any of that happens. For your dream house, you’d hire a highly recommended architect to design that home as close to how your heart envisions it as possible.

Yet, your average couple doesn’t stop to design their relationship. Instead, they get mesmerized by intense attraction and desire, believing — on some level — that love will be enough to get them through and to keep them happy over the long haul. Banking on this is, no doubt, a significant factor in why marriage rates are going down and divorce rates remain discouragingly high.

Relationship Architect, Geoff Laughton, has spent the last 20 years helping individuals and couples design, build, and learn to maintain their ideal relationship, based on time-tested techniques, perspectives, and ways of communicating, many of which were learned in the course of Geoff doing those exact steps with his own marriage of over three decades.
Based on that experience, as well as wisdom gained from working with over 1000 people, Geoff has noticed that men, in particular, are extremely challenged in knowing how to be masters of co-creating conscious, sacred relationships, while their partners struggle to grasp how to understand that their partner could be so challenged in that regard… and how to best support them in “waking up”.

With “Built To Last: Designing & Maintaining a Passionate, Loving and Lasting Relationship,” Geoff has created a book that synthesizes over 30 years of experience, techniques, tools, and instructional stories from his practice that will allow men (and the men or women who are trying to have a great relationship with them) and their partners to no longer grope in the dark for solutions to their challenges they’re tired of being frustrated and confused about.

This book will help you learn how you can proactively avoid so many traps that fell the average relationship, how to have your best chance of restoring a relationship near crumbling, and ways to actually design a relationship in a conscious way so that you’re each able to be inter-dependent allies and champions for your needs and dreams.

About the Author

Geoff LaughtonGeoff Laughton is an author, speaker, retreat leader and sought after relationship coach. For more than 20 years, he’s been teaching couples how to truly build the relationship and life they desire.

Known as Your Relationship Architect, Geoff has worked with hundreds of private clients and couples; has led over 300 workshops; facilitated numerous life-altering retreats around the country for men, women and couples; and has spoken at numerous live and online events.

Geoff has devoted his life and career to coaching individuals and couples toward designing and building the relationship with themselves and each other that expands connection, healing, and creates harmony with their Spirits’ dreams that have simply been neglected and/or forgotten.


PLUS Receive Great Bonuses!

I have provided several hours of bonus gifts that take concepts from different chapters in the book to an even deeper but practical level.

They include:

  • A worksheet that can be used to help you better set up your relationship design for success
  • An audio on questions to ask to see how compatible you’re likely to be with a prospective partner
  • A talk for men (& their partners) on how to be an evolved man that inspires himself and his partner
  • Key elements needed to have successful, preventative maintenance on your relationship in place; and a talk on how to get from happily ever after to true bliss in your relationship

A $1000 value!


“Straight talk from the heart…this book not only supplies it, but teaches us how to do it. Built To Last gives us access to powerful and free relationships by showing us how to communicate our needs and joys with deep truth and compassion for ourselves and others.”

Dr. Martin Kettelhut, Ph.D.
Author of “Listen…Until You Disappear”

“As a trusted lifestyle and leadership development coach helping high achieving women to step more fully into their greatness and feminine power, I’ve read a lot of books out there telling women the specific “how to’s” of nurturing relationships, but I haven’t seen many that offer that guidance to men in a way that they can navigate both intellectually and emotionally.

This straightforward book finally fills that void with humorous, informative, down-to-earth, practical wisdom that speaks to men’s hearts AND minds without leaving out what women can gain from it.”

Frantonia Pollins
Lifestyle & Leadership Development Coach for High Achieving Women
Author of “The Sexy Side of Success: Redefining Feminine Leadership, from the Boardroom to the Bedroom”


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