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“I love this book. The wisdom and tools are a valuable treasure for all. A great read that goes beyond the layers and directly to the root/heart.”

"Straight Talk From the Heart"

"This Book is a Must"

"Humorous, Informative,
Down-to-Earth, Practical Wisdom"

"The World Needs this Book!"

Geoff is amazingly intuitive and gentle. Working with him
has taken me from shut down to expansive, from anxious
to standing in my power. My life is forever changed
for the better.

-Lana McAra / New Castle, DE
With Geoff’s coaching (calls, workshops & teleseminars) I
healed my way through a divorce, moved into a new
home, grew my business and surged forward with
my life – at LASER speed!

-Donna Griffin / Gresham, OR
We learned how to improve our communications,
enhance our sexuality and deal more effectively with
anger and control issues and with emotional disconnects.

-Ann & Roger Graham / San Diego, CA
We learned a fresh, straightforward, and open-hearted
approach to expressing our love and honoring our
differences. As a result, our relationship continues getting
stronger and deeper.

-Brian Leahy &
Vivienne Kretschmer / Richmond, CA
We have found our way to deeper intimacy and honesty
with each other, along with gaining a new feeling of
incredible possibility and trust in our relationship.

-Sean & Diane Atsatt / Santa Cruz, CA

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